Women’s Healing Arts Therapist

My work is a multidimensional (meaning that I work in realms of space, time and consciousness within and beyond 3D) synergistic synthesis of energy healing, life coaching, spiritual counseling, intuitive bodywork, resilience and imaginal psychology, neuroscience / neuroplasticity, intuitively guided somatic bodywork, Holistic Pelvic Care, and a number of other modalities that I use to help my clients resolve long-standing issues that are blocking their experience of health & well-being, come into greater alignment with their soul’s purpose, and craft a life that makes their heart and soul sing.

I work from the level of your soul & the body’s wisdom / consciousness and then bring that information into all levels of consciousness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, causal, and energetic (chakras).

This process ultimately empowers you to dismantle the conscious and subconscious blocks that are contributing to you feeling stuck and frees you to come into greater alignment with your beautiful soul purpose. You are not here by accident, and you are not here to merely exist. Your soul has a unique purpose for being - here and now - on this planet, in this lifetime.

When you fully commit to the process, expect to experience immediate results that will continually lead you to the life you want (and choose) to experience.

I won’t tell you this will be easy. It will require deep inner work on your part, including listening to aspects / parts of yourself that you may not have been in touch with, or listened to, in a very long time. It will require loving yourself - implicitly and compassionately - and giving yourself total permission to let go of all the shit that keeps you small and suffocates your heart and soul. It will require trusting deep in your bones (even if you don’t feel like it (yet) that you are inherently worthy, valuable, and lovable, and you deserve to live a life that makes your heart and soul sing.

Simple? Yes! Easy? No. Or maybe. Depends on you. But it will be life-changing and oh-so worth it!

How it Works- Healing and transformation are not destinations. Because you live in a physical body, it takes time to integrate the healing and transformation into your life. Think of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and the time it takes for that process to occur. This work of coming home to yourself is a process, a journey, an unfolding, a becoming.

Over the years, I have discovered that people fall all over the spectrum for how many sessions they need. I offer packages of 3, 6 and 12 sessions customized for you - exactly where you are in each moment of your healing journey. Sessions are designed to be used bi-weekly or monthly.
I also offer individual sessions. The pricing for packages and individual sessions is below. This work is a valuable investment in your health, well-being, joy factor, and fulfillment of your unique, creative soul expression in the world.

Packages include…

  • 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session (takes place at first session once you pre-pay for a package), which creates a roadmap for how we will work together

  • 3, 6 or 12 Private customized 90-minute sessions (1 or 2 sessions per month)

  • Limited email access between sessions

  • Personalized homework assignments that are specifically designed to help you make powerful changes and be an active co-participant in your growth and the transformational process, and align you more fully with your soul's purpose

  • An intention to continue until you feel complete

    - 3 sessions - Pre-pay in full discount $840 ($280/session = $20 /session discount, total package discount $60)
    - 6 sessions - Pre-pay in full discount $1,500 ($250/session = $50 / session discount, total package discount $300)
    - 12 sessions - Pre-pay in full discount $2,700 ($225/session = $75 / session discount, total package discount $900)
    - Individual 90-minute customized session: $300 (stand-alone session without package amenities)

Remote sessions (synchronous): Package of three 90-minute phone or Zoom sessions (includes 30-minute Discovery session at the beginning of your first session for a pre-paid phone package), one 15-minute between-session phone call, and personalized homework).
-Pre-Pay in full discount $825 ($75 savings).
-Additional follow-up remote sessions are offered as solo 90-minute sessions ($300), or in packages of three 90-minute phone sessions: $825

Asynchronous remote sessions are also offered for those who are unable to schedule during my normal office hours. Please ask for details.

*If you are unable to afford my full fees, I occasionally have space in my schedule to accommodate clients at a reduced rate. Please contact me to inquire about availability.

**New Clients- Prior to scheduling, I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to explore your needs and my areas of expertise. This is an exploratory consultation to decide if we are a good fit to work together. If not, it may mean that another practitioner would be better suited to work with you, or that another type of therapy would be more appropriate, or perhaps my skills and your needs don’t quite mesh. If we are a good match I’ll provide my schedule /availability, and away we’ll go.

Please call or email to schedule your consultation and/or appointment.

Energy and consciousness are non-local, which means that I work very effectively with clients all over the world. Sessions are offered in person, remotely (synchronous) via phone, Zoom conference call, as well as asynchronously.

I believe that you are your own best expert. Even if you don’t know it, you hold all the answers within you. My job is to help you discover (re-member) the answers that are congruent and true for you, which offers you freedom and the opportunity to align with greater health and well-being, joy, ease and flow as well as with your soul’s authentic path & purpose.

A client’s perspective- “Grace’s presence, deep clarity and intuitive insight, quirky sense of humor, and her ability to laser in on the heart of what is calling for your attention is like nothing you have ever experienced before. She will help you cut through the “noise” to your deepest truths while clearing beliefs, habits, and unsupportive energy patterns which hold you back from living your true purpose and most authentic life — saving you time, energy and money.

By giving you tools and creating tailor-made strategies, you gain momentum which propels you forward, giving you the ability to make empowered choices and take decisive action in your life. All the while, Grace helps you to create a deeper connection with your own intuition and trust in your still, small voice.