Are you ready to heal from trauma, reclaim and live from your sacred creative center, and come into greater alignment with your unique soul expression?
To live your life from the deep center of your being, from your Soul?
Are you ready to come home to yourself?

Let’s Talk!

I offer a 15-minute complimentary consultation to discuss what’s going on in your life and how I can support you in our work together. Consultations are offered by phone if you live outside the Portland area, or you are welcome to schedule an in-person consultation with me. In advance of our consultation, I recommend you read my website to get a feel for who I am, my background, education and skills, and my holistic approach.

This consultation is not a sample session or a free energy healing. It's an honest discussion about where you’re at in your life and the issues that are causing you to seek work with me.

Prior to your consultation, I will email you some questions to help you think deeply about your life and be fully prepared for the inner work that our time together will require of you.


Contact Grace

If you live outside of Portland, Oregon, please use this Contact form to request your 15-minute complimentary consultation via phone or Zoom. I usually respond within 1-2 business days.
If you live in the Portland region and would like a phone or in-person consultation or would like to schedule an appointment, please schedule here.



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