Trust the Process

Dear friends,

I have known for many years that as Souls having human experiences our Souls always (and in all ways) understand where we’ve been and where we're headed. Whenever we have experiences that are out of the ordinary, our minds rush in to make up stories to make sense of the experience and put it into context with our other experiences (sort of like a filing system).

Yet, our Soul simply resides in the Infinite Now. It doesn't need a filing system, because the Soul exists outside of time and space.

The Soul, with a multidimensional perspective, guides us in and out of jobs, relationships, habits, even how we dress and behave, our interests, etc. Our Soul is always positioning us for our next steps in unfolding and expanding into more of who we truly AM.

Not understanding that moving to Santa Fe was my Soul’s way of positioning me in a place where deep healing, releasing and preparation would occur, my mind created a “reason” – to justify, to explain, to make sense of the sudden change in scenery.

The Transformational Consciousness-centered master’s degree program that I was pursuing at Southwestern College served me in elucidating and validating all of the deep inner, personal and spiritual work I have accomplished since I began my healing journey in 2001. It enabled me to claim the truth of my spiritual and intuitive abilities and deeply embrace and hold in the highest regard the bare bones truth that I am here to serve consciousness in a way that I’m now being prepared for in a much more expanded capacity. 

Of course, my mind was tempted to make up yet another story about that – "I made a mistake in moving to Santa Fe for this Counseling program. Was I “supposed” to move somewhere else? Did I miss the mark? What am I going to do now?"

After much soul-searching, I gained the profound awareness that I had simply aimed for what I thought was possible, based on past experience, skills gained, and a certain comfort level with the familiar. I uncovered a long-forgotten childhood dream of becoming a doctor. However, seen through the filter of experience I had at the time I interpreted that to mean “medical doctor.” Once I realized that it was never about going to med school I tuned into the deeper dream – a doctor who can bridge science and spirituality, who can be of deep service in the world utilizing both solid science as well as spirituality and mysticism. A doctor for the Soul.

Once something is known it can’t be unknown (Elizabeth Gilbert said that). And it’s true. Once you know you’re off the mark, and suddenly realize that you’ve been aiming for what’s possible (close, but not IT), not really the ultimate target, you can’t help but change course. 

You know, as a spiritual life coach and intuitive consultant, many people think I have everything figured out and my life is “together.” In reality, what people perceive as "together" from the outside looking in is simply the result of my willingness to continually listen for Spirit's guidance. I trust the process, say "Yes," and then move forward. I am willing to risk learning and growing (what some call making mistakes). Incidentally, my willingness to trust the flow and allow the river to carry me where my life is unfolding in its next expansive becoming is exactly what enables me to hold space for clients who are navigating similar experiences of disorientation, listening, and then recalibrating their internal compass toward their "true north." 

Living this way has given me a depth and breadth of understanding that when you’re wired to live an authentic life you CAN’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. If you accept jobs or enter relationships that you ultimately terminate, it’s not because you failed or because something was wrong. It’s because you learned, you received what you needed, you grew, and you moved on.

So yes, it takes a bit of courage to share with you that I uprooted myself, moved to a different state, started a master’s degree program, and am now moving in a different direction. Succinctly put, I got what I needed, I grew as a result, and moved on. 

Which is the perfect segue to share what transpired last January.
Stay tuned for next week's blog on Shakti.

To your freedom and awakening,

© February 26, 2019

“Once the spiritual journey begins, we leave the circumference of the circle and begin to travel along the radius of divine wisdom to reach the Center. This is a journey in and through the self of the human being. The End is the experience and knowledge of yourself as infinite eternal spirit. Along the way we leave behind every identification of gender, family, nationality, race, and religion, and understand ourselves as the Universal Human Being, the Child of God. In the past, the Greek mystery religions called this Logos; the Christian Gnostics called it Christos; the Sufis call it Insani Kamil.

Some have experienced the inbreath of Holy Spirit — whether through a murshid, a realized being, a community of lovers of God, a living tradition — and this has initiated a process of transformation that, if nurtured and protected, will lead to the actualization of the divine in the human being. Such a person will relate from the Divine in himself or herself to the Divine in another.”  ― Kabir Helminski

Inspired to Grow

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” –  Nora Roberts

Those of you who know me know that I am committed to my personal and spiritual growth. I continually invest in myself – formal education, workshops, classes, daily meditation, time spent in nature, exercise and self-care - all of which nurtures, nourishes and supports me on many levels.

So, it’s probably no surprise to you that I am investing my time, energy and resources in two new continuing education programs right now. Well, one is taking place now, and the other is in September, but I’ve registered and paid, therefore committed. They each have different healing approaches, yet both programs’ content challenge me to continue growing, expanding, evolving and become more of my most authentic Self in the areas I most want to at this point in my personal life, career, health, etc.

I’m sharing this information because it got me thinking about how when we ask a question of ourselves, and the universe responds with an answer, if we are willing to explore that answer it usually opens up many other answers that eventually take us where we need to go. Our job is to simply trust the guidance received and follow the path as it unfolds before us.

I started this year thinking about how far I’ve come on my own journey of healing from myriad injuries and traumas, and yet I was still experiencing pelvic pain, which started in 2012 and hasn’t responded to any of the other healing modalities I’ve tried.

In January, I began searching for answers on the internet, looking up metaphysical causes of pelvic pain. I found some super interesting articles and many different perspectives. I discarded the allopathic explanations, because they didn’t ring true for me, and continued searching. I was magnetically drawn to read only one blog article, which mentioned a book title that caught my attention, then guided me to a practitioner’s website.

The book, Vagina by Naomi Wolfe, was a fantastic read, and one I highly recommend reading if you’re a woman (or in a partnership with a woman, or have women friends). Yes, it’s that enlightening!

The practitioner I was guided to is Tami Lynn Kent, who happens to practice where I currently live - yes! in Portland. Tami specializes in women’s holistic pelvic care. Her work has been an incredible blessing and has helped tremendously in relieving the long-standing pelvic pain I’ve been experiencing for the last 7 years. And…she offers workshops for healthcare practitioners to learn this invaluable work. I am super jazzed that I have the opportunity to learn Women's Holistic Pelvic Care, and be able to support other women through their own healing journeys in ways that have helped and enriched my own health and well-being! Because honestly, that’s how I ended up learning all the healing modalities I currently offer. I experienced them first, and then received training after incorporating the healing work into my own life.

The other resource I found is an online workshop called Vaginal Kung Fu, by Kim Anami. I'm currently taking Kim's 2019 class to augment the work I received from Tami Lynn Kent for healing pelvic trauma & injuries I’ve sustained from falls and car accidents, as well as old emotional wounds of shame, neglect and self-worth. If you’re a woman, I highly recommend you check out Kim Anami’s website. Unfortunately this class won't be offered again until January, 2020.

I am learning so much from each of these resources about the female body, how we store trauma, and how our ovaries, vagina and uterus all function as powerful creative centers, as well as serving as our compass in guiding us to the right (for us) jobs, relationships and experiences in life. In case you’re wondering, Yes! I am bringing what I am learning into my coaching and healing practice!

When a woman experiences trauma of any kind, it impacts her pelvic bowl, disrupting (and possibly squashing) her ability to connect with her innate creativity, diminished capacity to connect to her purpose, her authenticity, and her passion. She literally loses her ability to find her “true north,” which explains why so many women I work with complain of feeling stuck, lost and directionless. Healing the trauma, through physical and energetic approaches, restores her connection with her creativity, authenticity, passion and purpose. And, she powerfully magnetizes into her life that which truly enlivens and fulfills her. The incredible side benefits that I didn’t previously mention are that this work boosts her confidence, restores her sexual energy, and enlivens her sexually. How awesome is that?!

I’m so excited to be learning all of this and integrating it into my own life! I’m even more excited to b e bringing this work into my practice. I have felt for a few years that it was time to expand my spiritual life coaching and intuitive healing business and move in a new direction. But I just couldn’t seem to connect to what that might look like. And now I know why. I have been in the midst of some pretty big life changes for the last two years, letting go of things that no longer worked for me, letting go of my old shit, so to speak, so that I could expand and make room for something fresh and big, bold, and alive to arrive.

Because I love, value and appreciate you as souls having human experiences, what better gift can I give you than to pass on the things I am learning, the things that are inspiring me to grow more fully into myself, increase my capacity for self-love, and connect more deeply to my own body, creativity, passion, purpose and my “true north,” so that you can benefit as well?

It’s what I do in my private coaching and healing sessions anyway. Encourage your growth, that is.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and thriving. You deserve to share your beautiful gifts in the world in a way that nourishes, enlivens and supports you (get paid for being YOU). You are a magnificent soul having a beautiful human experience, and I invite you to come home to yourself and expand into the beautiful, amazing person that were born to become.

With love and gratitude,


© February 23, 2019

From Finish to Start

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When you’re thinking about starting a new project and looking at what lies ahead, do you feel excited? Ready to tackle the world? Jumping for joy? Or do you think to yourself, “Sure I’m smart and highly competent, and this (whatever the thing on your horizon is) is what I want. 

But. How in the world am I ever going to finish / accomplish / achieve / have / do be…that?”

As soon as the “but” is uttered (or even thought) your inner vision narrows until you what lies ahead seems overwhelming. Daunting. Impossible. Your inspiration fizzles and you’re left feeling like a deflated balloon looking at yet another failed project. Before it’s even begun.

That’s why you should never begin at the beginning. Always start at the end. I feel a bit like Yoda sharing that tidbit of wisdom.

Sound like an oxymoron?

I understand that when you’re staring at the project from the beginning of it, chances are high that you’ll get spooked before even taking your first step forward. You’ll kick and scream and tell yourself, “No way can I do that!” So before you go through all that stress, I will simply tell you to stop, breathe, and start at the end, working your way backward to the beginning.

So how do you do that?

First ask yourself: What RESULTS do you want to achieve?

It’s OK if you don’t have a clear picture of the entire end result. But you likely have a few ideas, and more importantly – feelings – about how things will be *then.* And that’s precisely where you start. With the feelings.

I’ll give you an example. Twenty years ago I signed up for a year-long massage therapy training program. I wasn’t excited about my first day of class, or about learning anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. I wasn’t looking forward to chemistry or learning the nervous system. Or the grueling curriculum deadlines.

I was excited because I went to an open house, heard the owner of the school speak about what she did that made a tremendous difference in the lives of others and how much she loved her career.

I signed up on the spot without a clue as to how I was going to juggle school, raising my daughter and a job, or how I was going to pay the tuition. I was excited because I wanted to transform people’s lives through the healing power of touch. And I wanted to feel amazing about what I was contributing in the world. And the universe responded to my excitement by lining everything up so that I could attend school and enjoy the entire process beyond my wildest imaginations. The universe even supported me by gifting me one of the best jobs I’ve ever had…a month prior to graduation.

Another example: When I signed up for a year-long certification program to become a professional life coach, I wasn’t excited because it was one of the three International Coaching Federation approved coaching programs in the world, or because of the intensity of the coursework involved, despite the fact that I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning, or because I’d be earning an additional certificiation in Energy Leadership. I got excited because I couldn’t wait to become savvy, successful, grounded, insightful, and equipped with an array of tools to help women find joy, deep purpose, and fulfillment in their lives.

Let’s look at it another way, shall we? Someone who aspires to climb Mt. Everest doesn’t start out thinking about arriving to Base Camp to acclimate to the altitude for several weeks. They start with their dream of the summit. Then they think about the journey itself. They think about training for the summit (a year or more in advance), travel arrangements, reserving a guide, supplies. What’s needed. What the experience might be like. Who they might meet. How cold it might be. They think about oxygen. About their pack. The point I’m making is that they START with the summit in mind, and then they plan the entire trip around that single goal.

What keeps the climber moving toward the summit when her fingers and toes are freezing, her lungs are fighting for oxygen with each crisp lung-deflating hard-earned breath, when she begins to lose faith in herself, when her courage wanes, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and she begins to worry that maybe she won’t make it? She zeroes in on standing on the summit, and keeps the image at the forefront of her mind. She taps into what she’ll feel like when she is standing on the pinnacle and embracing her hard-won achievement. She smiles inwardly as the contemplates her change in identity from someone who attempted Mt. Everest, to one of the few females who successfully summited it… and lived to tell the tale.

The goal (destination) is the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the lighthouse beacon that keeps ships from crashing into the rocky shores.

It’s the same with you. You start with the end result in mind, and you work your way backward through the steps until you get to the first step. The middle will take care of itself if you will only put your feet on the path, and trust that you will succeed if you just keep moving forward.

To be clear, I’m not saying that your goals have to be magnanimous. Your goals should be ones that really matter… to you. Like earning (or finishing) your degree. Like learning to watercolor or play the piano. Like quitting the job that sucks the soul-life out of you to pursue a calling that makes your heart and soul sing. Like leaving the exhausting relationship. Like trusting in yourself. Like sharing yourself authentically with others. Like going sky-diving, or taking that trip to Rome, or Paris, or Belize, or walking the Camino de Santiago. Like selling everything and starting over. Like listening to your heart and inviting your head along for the logistical part of the ride.

Sure it will take commitment, dedication, perseverance, trust in yourself, trust in the process, and trust in life supporting you along the way. But doesn’t everything worthwhile ask those things of you?

The alternative: do nothing, simply because you looked at the thing from the beginning, got scared, and allowed fear to freeze you in your tracks, thereby keeping you stuck in “too small land,” feeling deeply unhappy and unfulfilled.

If you’re ready to stop living in fear, overwhelm, and tolerating I would LOVE to help you stop struggling with lack of clarity and feelings of “not good enough” despite (often significant) career success. I would love to help you stop feeling stuck and frustrated, and to begin trusting in your deep knowing that you’re here to contribute something beautiful and amazing in the world.

Maybe you aren’t sure what needs to shift or how to do it. The good news is that we’re here to help each other, and it just so happens that I specialize in helping you identify your unique gifts, get unstuck, cultivate a relationship with your feminine wisdom (intuition) and come into greater alignment with your soul’s path and purpose. I’m here when you’re ready to connect.

To your freedom,

©Grace J.Willow.10.25.2017

Life offers many paths. Choose the one with heart.

Life offers many paths. Choose the one with heart.